Traveling Protection

Note: We also finance worldwide, through our company, for all people who have their residence in Germany, further travelling targets at the price of 5000 EUR, payable within at least 5 years in monthly installments.
Besides, we still offer, through the ERV insurance company, European travel insurances to you, and carry out in your name all the procedures pertaining to your visa for all your travelling destinations.

Travelling protection

Welcome at your TMG travelling insurance broker

Every year, the same slogan: “Pack up your swimming trunks…”
Numerous enthusiastic travelers start in the nicest weeks of the year for the well deserved holidays.
Numerous holiday-makers remain not spared from diseases. It’s then worth to be safe on the way of holidays.
Although the travelling prices have sunk over the last years, the subsidy for the travelling insurance often increased.
With TMG Travel Card , you’re permanently assisted.
With this complete package, we offer an optimal product to you.

Overall piece of news


All citizens from the member States of the European Union are supposed to benefit from that insurance!
Travelling insurance is to be contracted through our booking assistance.
For instance travelling renouncement / in case of interruption of the trip for a corresponding price of 150 EUR, the insurance can be contracted up from 7 EUR.

Family cards

A life community in the frame of a married couple is also considered as a family, as long as both partners are living in the same apartment.


As to the transmission of the clients’ data, the software security SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is to be used.
This encodes all the transmitted pieces of information and personal data and cannot be read by unauthorized people in case of transmission by internet.


Price rates for groups are to be acquired as unique tariffs with exemption from customs duties. There are at least 5 to 50 participants allowed. All participants are to be less than 65 years old at the moment of the booking. Please send back to us the list of participants by email or fax, after the booking, at the TMG distribution.

Complete protection – yearly insurances for single travelers / Families in the overview

Complete packages including the case of a renouncement of the travelling project/an interruption of the trip (RRV), a foreign health insurance (AKV), accident insurance, directions of assistance and traveler luggage.

  • Worldwide available offers made in accordance with all tourism travelling targets (also boat trips) except from Cuba, Afghanistan, Liberia and Sudan.
  • For persons up to the 65th year of life and for many possible travels lasting respectively the highest time of 45 days
  • As to offer prices for families, own children below 18 years old or own children up to 25 years old, who are still in the process of training, are insured without any contribution.
Reisepreis bis (in Euro) Reiserücktritt / Reiseabbruch(RRV), Auslandskrankenversicherung(AKV), Unfallversicherung, Beistandsleitungen und Reisegepäck
Einzelreisende / Singles Familien mit Kind
mit Selbstbeteiligung ohne Selbstbeteiligung mit Selbstbeteiligung ohne Selbstbeteiligung
2000 71,00 Euro Buchen 128,00 Euro Buchen 135,00 Euro Buchen 208,00 Euro Buchen
3000 93,00 Euro Buchen 167,00 Euro Buchen 172,00 Euro Buchen 263,00 Euro Buchen
5000 123,00 Euro Buchen 226,00 Euro Buchen 263,00 Euro Buchen 348,00 Euro Buchen
10000 184,00 Euro Buchen 335,00 Euro Buchen 333,00 Euro Buchen 511,00 Euro Buchen

Reiserücktritt / Reiseabbruch - Jahresversicherung für Einzelreisende, Familien und Objekte

Reisepreis bis (in Euro) Reiserücktritt / Reiseabbruch(RRV)
mit Selbstbeteiligung ohne Selbstbeteiligung
2000 53,00 Euro Buchen 92,00 Euro Buchen
3000 65,00 Euro Buchen 113,00 Euro Buchen
5000 88,00 Euro Buchen 153,00 Euro Buchen
10000 125,00 Euro Buchen 218,00 Euro Buchen

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