GQ Travel & Hotels „Best prices to all destinations“, our slogan is „program“, since we are your specialist for „Best prices for flights worldwide“, and furthermore for„ethnic-Tickets“, straight for Africa, Europe, Asia, USA and Australia! GQ Travel & Hotels, situated in the very middle of Saarbruecken, offers for many years now „ethnic travel tickets“, with which Africans may travel at exceptional conditions to their home countries. Every year, several hundreds of clients trust our competence in this sector for travelling because we are successful, fair and absolutely reliable! Special note Our offer for tickets doesn’t concern only Germany, but also further targets for travelling such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam, JFK airports, etc... We also finance worldwide, through ExpoCredit, other travelling targets at the price of 5000 EUR, payable in monthly installment payments within a time limit of at least 5 years. Besides, we still offer European travelling insurances to you through the ERV Company, and also take visas for all destinations for you. Those special ticketsat particularly advantageous flight rates are exclusively meant for people owing the citizenship of the target country. They are based on the voluntary special regulation of the air companies satisfying the interests of the big group of clients made of Africans and Brazilians, Dominicans as well as Asians, who used to work abroad. Those tickets meant for flights to home countries are:
  • More flexible according to the time factors,
  • Consist in lower taxes for changing the booking conditions
  • Grant a higher level of free luggage
Clients of GQ Travel & Hotels are therefore entitled to fly for almost every destination: you’re entitled to take 2 x 23 kg plus 10 kg hand luggage with you!!! On account of our high booking rates, we used to get top offer conditions from the air companies, which we used to further convey to our clients. Top conditions which we share with you! These are the result of our long lasting intensive cooperation with famous air companies, such as KLM, Lufthansa, Air France and. Air TAP, and many more… We are there for you!!!

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